Vitesse supports 1 Million for Work Flexibility, the first national initiative to unite people who support flexibility in the workplace.

Supporting the 1 Million for Work Flexibility initiative is a coalition of companies, business leaders, and non-profits, including FlexJobs and other organizations that believe workplace flexibility is a win/win for both companies and their employees because of its positive impact on productivity and efficiency. As studies have shown, fostering work-life balance results in higher retention and employee satisfaction, improving the bottom line.

“I experienced first-hand how much more engaged and productive our employees were than those at our brick and mortar competitors, Joining forces with the kindred spirit of 1 Million for Work Flexibility strengthens our shared message that work flexibility has meaningful ROI when executed thoughtfully.” -- Shani Magosky, founder of Vitesse and former COO of an all virtual marketing and PR firm

Specifically, the initiative focuses on:

  • Allowing people who are interested in work flexibility to get involved in the change.
  • Sharing key information on news, trends, and events pertaining to flexible work.
  • Showcasing thought pieces and personal stories.
  • Highlighting partners and organizations that are committed to work flexibility.

All kinds of people want work flexibility – women, men, parents, millennials, retirees, freelancers, military spouses, and many others – and for many different reasons. We are excited to add Vitesse Consulting as a Supporter due to our common mission to provide a way for these individuals to show their support for work flexibility in a way that can make a positive difference for everyone.” -- Sara Sutton Fell, the Founder & CEO of FlexJobs and creator of the initiative 1 Million for Work Flexibility

FlexJobs is uniting business leaders, non-profits, and companies to accomplish this goal. The campaign will include:

  • Inspiring one million Americans to “raise their hands” in support of work flexibility by signing up with their name and email address on the initiative website.
  • Promoting this show of support through partner blog posts, newsletters, and social media outreach.

In order to truly change workplace culture, 1 Million for Work Flexibility feels it's critical to engage the individuals who want and need work flexibility, in addition to working with the leaders and organizations who are driving the efforts within companies.